Find Your Sex I.D. Quiz That Will Revolutionise Your Love Life

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TODAY is the first day of the rest of your sex life and Daily Mirror expert FLIC EVERETT has compiled a remarkable quiz to revolutionise your most important relationship.

By answering the following questions, you will discover your true sexual identity - and learn how to be more compatible with your partner. If you answer "yes" to a question or statement, note which one of the A-H sex categories it registers in - and that will ultimately determine your "sexual type". If the question isn't applicable, just move on to the next one.

Once you've answered the questions and totted up your category entries, you can discover your sex type, which will unlock the door to your most intimate fantasies - and turn them into electrifying reality.

"Your personality dictates what kind of a lover you are and how you relate to your partner," says Mirror "sexpert" Flic. "Anyone can be physically compatible with someone else - it's just a question of sexual self-knowledge. And understanding exactly who you are - and who your partner is - is crucial to a healthy love life."



1. I'm always exhausted at the end of the day. Yes = Category E

2. I tend to put spending time with the kids above spending time with my partner. Y = D

3. We argue more than we used to, often about petty things. Y = F

4. I'd love to have another two hours' sleep a night if I could. Y = G

5. I've put on weight and I'm sure my partner has noticed. Y = C

6. I sometimes fantasise about having an affair. Y = A

7. I feel resentful because my partner doesn't support me enough. Y = B

8. I'm not always good at showing how I feel - I expect my partner to work it out. Y = H

9. I can't remember the last time I had a beauty treatment or bought new clothes. Y = E

10. In bed, there are things I'd like to try that I don't know how to ask for them. Y = F

11. I'm never sure whether my partner is really enjoying it during sex. Y = H

12. I don't feel excited by the idea of sex with my partner any more. Y = F

13. We don't really talk during sex - it's too embarrassing. Y = D

14. We always have sex in the bedroom, with the lights off. Y = E

15. Our sexual routine hasn't really changed since we got together. Y = B

16. I'm not sure what ideas and scenarios turn my partner on. Y = C

17. We don't usually bother with kissing before sex these days. Y = H

18. After sex, one or both of us will go straight to sleep. Y = B

19. I feel that I give more than I get sexually. Y = A

20. We tend to have more sex on holiday, when we're relaxed. Y = D


1. I enjoy a range of sexual fantasies. Y = G

2. I have sometimes dressed up and adopted a role during sex. Y = C

3. I've had sex outdoors, not caring that someone might see us. Y = A

4. I've had sex outdoors but made sure that no one could see us. Y = H

5. I enjoy wearing sexy underwear/outfits for my partner. Y = G

6. I enjoy talking dirty, in bed or on the telephone. Y = C

7. I am comfortable with pornography. Y = A

8. I am intrigued by S&M. Y = G

9. I like the idea of swinging but would never try it. Y = B

10. I like the idea of swinging and I would try it. Y = A

11. I am comfortable talking about my sexual needs with my partner Y = D

12. I am confident about my body and my looks. Y = F

13. I have used, or would be happy to use, sex toys. Y = G

14. I've thought about having sex with more than one partner at the same time. Y = C

15. I like the idea of filming myself during sex. Y = F

16. It's OK for my partner to fancy other people. Y = E

17. I can get very turned on just by thinking about sex. …