Arts Diary: Longer Stretch for Tim to Show Talents; Philip Key Welcomes Tim Williams Back to Town

Article excerpt

Byline: Philip Key

MERICAN singer Tim Williams, the son of country legend Don Williams, is heading back to Liverpool, still working to make his name in Britain.

Earlier this year he appeared alongside his dad at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall.

It was a short appearance -- just a couple of songs -- but helped establish him as a singer of some substance.

If the earth didn't actually move for him that night, his second city appearance at The Olympia next Thursday might just do the trick.

He is appearing with Vonda Shepard, the singer who was featured for five years in the television series Ally McBeal.

This time, he says, he will be given a longer stretch to show off his talents. Even better, his album Even Though, not available in Britain last time around, is now in the shops.

While Tim talks like his dad with a slow Texan drawl, he is not simply his father's copy. His voice is lighter and there is no big cowboy hat.

He enjoyed the tour with his father: ``The crowds were real warm and receptive, '' he tells me from his Birmingham hotel. …