'Black Panther' Police Fanatics; PCs Who Call for Overthrow of the 'White Supremacists'

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A BLACK police leader last night defended a document branding white officers as 'supremacists' who must be overthrown.

The report - drawn up by a radical branch of the Black and Asian Police Association - likens its members' 'struggle' to the decolonisation of the British Empire.

Described by critics as a 'Black Panther' manifesto, it says that law enforcement is a 'weapon of oppression against our own people' and that black officers must make a serious commitment 'towards challenging global white supremacy'.

The report has been drawn up by the Greater Manchester branch of the BAPA and discusses a visit to a conference hosted by American black officers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Last night BAPA's Manchester chairman, PC Charles Crichlow, claimed the discussion paper was simply an ' intellectual argument'.

But the report has met fierce criticism within the ranks of PC Crichlow's force, including from members of the BAPA.

One officer said: 'This does not preach unity or inclusivity within Greater Manchester Police and I believe this is a destructive influence. The language is that of a bygone age. It sounds like a Black Panther manifesto from the 1960s and does not reflect the multicultural force we have today.'

The report was written after four BAPA officers went to the National Black Police Association Education and Training conference in Arizona in August.

BAPA is a radical off- shoot of the mainstream National Black Police Association. BAPA has around 30 members in Manchester and is trying to expand in other forces.

But, as the taxpayer-funded trip to the U.S. proves, it is recognised by senior officers at GMP. The weeklong event is estimated to have cost the force [pounds sterling]20,000 in fares and hotel bills. …