Grand Prize Giveaway Game Recap

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Following the drawing of names by representatives from each of the Grand Prize Giveaway sponsoring companies, a hush swept over the hundreds of onlookers Tuesday afternoon, January 14, in the Exhibit Hall during the 2003 Winter Conference, as nine potential winning tickets dwindled to three.


As the name of Ramon Crabill, Training Officer for the Frederick County Detention Center in Frederick, Maryland, was announced, a small group beside the stage cheered aloud, and they motioned and encouraged Mr. Crabill to make his way to the stage and claim his prize: an entertainment package that included a 57-inch large-screen television, two rocking chairs, a DVD/VCR combination machine, and much more. According to Mr. Crabill, even after hearing his name called out, it never sunk in that he was the winner of the grand prize until a co-worker slapped him on the back and yelled You won, you won!" "I really didn't pay attention when my name was called, probably because I really didn't expect to win," Mr. Crabill said while staring at the big-screen television. "I'm still stunned.... My wife usually wins everything."


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