On the Phone with. KATHRYN WILLIAMS; the Singer-Songwriter Also Has a Passion for Painting and Insists That Listening to Music Inspires Her Art

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Byline: Paul English

How are you preparing for life on the road, Kathryn?

I'm painting in my studio at home, doing oil portraits of everyone I know on canvas.

I think it would be very good to do an exhibition of everyone I know. But the problem is I know a lot of people. It could end up costing a fortune, to be honest. I've done five, so God knows, I'll probably get it finished in 10 years. It can be a hard slog. I've finished a painting for Alan McGee, too, of a record that looks like the centre of the universe. That was for his birthday.

Has art been something you've always been interested in?

Yeah, I originally moved to Newcastle to do an arts degree, but I was never good at painting. I've started to yearn for painting again. So now I do half a day of painting and half a day of music. I'm always listening to music when I paint. At the moment I'm listening to the album Bonnie Prince Billy by Palace. They're brilliant. And The Velvet Underground, too. The music can influence the way I paint. If put fast music on then actually find I paint a bit quicker. But I'm working on two albums at the moment, too. I'm not sure when they'll come out yet.

What's more artistically satisfying for you?

I don't know. They're both so different. If I was pushed, I would say songs, as once I heard someone doing one of my songs, Soul To Feet, at an acoustic night in a bar. I felt proud and really good after that.

Are you pleased with the level of success of latest album Relations? …