Population Control Won't Solve Poverty, Says Ex-Cabinet Man

Article excerpt


MANILA Former Cabinet member and senator Francisco Kit Tatad yesterday said population control will not solve the massive poverty in the country but rather correct development.

Tatad said poverty should not be blamed on the country increasing population said to be at 82.6 million already.

The real causes of poverty, he stressed, are unequal and unjust distribution and improper utilization of political power and public resources, huge public debt, lack of capital, education, training, and technology, lack of moral accountability, social responsibility, and rule of law, widespread and uncontrolled corruption, armed conflict, social and political instability, and bureaucratic inefficiency.

Given the situation, what the government should then do among other things, he said, is to develop the countryside to generate more jobs for the people. By doing so, people living in the countryside will no longer flock to Manila to look for work, he said.

Due to the continued migration to the metropolis, he said, Manila, with only an area of 646.1 sq. kms now has a total of 11 million inhabitants.

"Because nothing ever happens outside Manila, everyone ends up in this congested metropolis," he said.

"Population control will also not solve this particular problem as what other legislators think rather correct development. …