FVR to Keynote China Economic Forum in Suzhou

Article excerpt

MANILA Former President Fidel V. Ramos left over the weekend for China to keynote the China Economic Growth (CEG) Forum 2004 in Suzhou.

The CEG forum assembles over 500 government and business leaders as well as eminent scholars and experts from around the world to provide a platform for discussion from different perspectives of the background and objectives of current macro-economic policies adopted by the Chinese government.

Special focus will be given to the sustainability (or lack of it) of Chinas economic development as well as the trend of Chinas strategies that impact on the current positions and the long-term prospects of its trading partner and investors. The forum will also look into new business opportunities in China.

Located in the southern part of Jiangsu province, Suzhou is in the middle of the Yangtze Delt, bordering Shanghai in the East and Zhejiang province in the South.

It is within two hours drive from the center of Shanghai and has a population of 5.7 million, with an area of 8,788 square kilometers. Its principal industrial centers namely: Suzhou new district, Suzhou Industrial Park Zone and Kunshan economic and technical development Zone are hosts to over 1,560 local as well as foreign enterprises with a combined capital of US$8.3 billion.

Ramos will expound on the topic: "Chinas economy and the worlds collision and integration. …