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THE Eve of All Hallows Day, Halloween, has its origins in the Feast of All Saints that Catholics and some other Christians celebrate tomorrow. However, in the last couple of centuries, Halloween has become a secular event, associated with ghosts, goblins and ghoulish tales. Every year, on Halloween, millions of American children wearing costumes move around their neighborhoods asking for candy and shouting, Trick or Treat and sometimes playing devilish tricks on their neighbors.

The celebration of Halloween came to the Philippines with the American colonial era. That is why Halloween is associated with costume parties and the "Trick or Treat practices of children in the United States. American Halloween customs may have roots in Celtic culture and beliefs brought to the United States by Irish immigrants.

Some historians suggest that the Halloween custom of begging for treats came from the medieval custom of "Souling in which people went about on November 2, All Souls Day, walking from house to house asking for "Soul cakes, a type of sweet bread mixed with currants. The beggars would promise to pray for the dead relatives of their benefactors, thus hastening their passage to heave. …