Editor's Note

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This month, we've collected for you some great "Print Ideas that Work." But, first, you should take a look at this month's Clip & Save Art Print: Rembrandt van Rijn's "Self-Portrait Leaning on a Stone Sill"--an art reproduction with which you can inspire your students to get involved in printmaking. This fine example of an etching and its accompanying text is a marvelous addition to your classroom art-history and art-appreciation resources.

Duly inspired by this Rembrandt print, let's now take a look at the printmaking lessons offered this month. For high school, there is our Cover Story," Adventures in Foreshortening" (page 20). Here, the spontaneous art of mono-printing is explored as the teenagers learn the technique of foreshortening and how to utilize it to make an effective portrait of a classmate. "Captivating Collagraphs" (page 34) will also intrigue secondary students with its interesting textural qualities. Among the learning that happens here is knowing and understanding the terminology collage, collagraph and relief and selecting a palette of harmonious colors for their prints.

Younger students will enjoy learning about symmetrical balance, and the use of symbols and patterns in Navajo blankets, and apply their knowledge in their own printmaking efforts in "Navajo Block Prints" (page 30). The limited color palettes, and the dot and line patterns seen in the student examples in "Outback/Cutback" (page 32) are evidence of what they have learned about Australian Aboriginal art in this interesting printing project. Printmaking is a wonderful, creative activity through which students can show what they have learned about different cultures. …