Business School Centres on Corporate Governance; 'There Is an Increasing Recognition That Companies Should Not Pursue Profit without Regard to the Impact on Wider Societal Interests'

Article excerpt

Corporate scandals in large multinational companies such as Enron have been at the forefront of public concern about business behaviour in recent years. How businesses are managed and the effect of decisions on both shareholders and society at large is the focus of the Centre for Corporate Governance Research (CCGR), which was established at Birmingham Business School in 2000.

There is an increasing recognition that companies should not pursue profit without regard to the impact on wider societal interests, and that directors should take into account the interests of stakeholders.

Many companies have acknowledged these responsibilities and have responded by starting to report not just the traditional financial performance of the company, but also on areas such as economic profit and social and environmental performance.

The CCGR conducts cuttingedge research that is of interest to a wide audience including directors, corporate and individual investors and policy makers. Recent research has included the relationship between boards of directors and institutional investors; trends in voting; directors' remuneration (another hotly debated topic); and corporate governance developments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Professor Chris Mallin heads the CCGR. …