Dayrit Airs Views on Promotion of Natural and Artificial Methods of Family Planning

Article excerpt


Health Secretary Manuel Dayrit dismissed yesterday the growing conflict over the promotion of natural and artificial family planning methods, saying that the Department is supporting both methods giving the public a wider range of methods to choose from.

Dayrit mentioned that in the provinces, particularly in Eastern Visayas, health workers are promoting both methods without bias.

But Dayrit said that the natural family planning methods are slowly becoming as popular as artificial family planning methods.

"Modern family planning is fast catching up as far as awareness is concerned in the said region. Its the first time that health workers have been so passionate in promoting that there is now even an intense competition in the promotion of the two methods in the said area," Dayrit said.

"The intense competition jump-starts family planning services even before the launch of the door-to-door campaign early next year," he added.

The Department of Health (DoH) is set to begin a door-to-door campaign on family planning next year aimed at promoting family planning methods as well as to educate the public about reproductive health. …