Reclaim Our Streets: STAY OFF THE BOOZE OR YOU'LL FACE JAIL; Threat to Binge Louts in Dramatic New Clampdown

Article excerpt

Byline: BOB ROBERTS Deputy Political Editor

DRUNKEN louts who fail random breath-tests could be jailed under dramatic new government plans.

In a major bid to stem alcohol- fuelled violence and crime, ministers may allow courts to bar boozed-up yobs from drinking.

Offenders could be breathalysed at any time to ensure they are sticking to the ban. If they fail, they could be jailed or ordered to have compulsory treatment.

The scheme is a huge boost to the Mirror's Reclaim Our Streets campaign. It was revealed as Britain's largest brewer put health warnings on its products in a drive to promote sensible drinking.

Home Secretary David Blunkett has already introduced anti-social behaviour orders to stop louts from going into certain areas, throwing fireworks or harassing neighbours.

He has also set up drug abstinence orders and compulsory treatment for junkies to cut the links between drugs and crime.

Now he has his sights on cutting the link between drink and crime on the streets and in the home.

There are more than one million incidents of alcohol-related violence every year.

A senior Home Office source said: "This would build on asbos and drug abstinence orders. If persistent offenders are linked to alcohol, courts could order them not to drink.

"The offenders could then be tested at any time to ensure they have not breached that order." Similar schemes are in place in the US. In the Commons, MPs have already called for alcohol abstinence orders to be introduced.

Tory MP Andrew Turner told ministers: "Too many of those who hit their wives or girlfriends, or commit other offences and disfigure our towns and cities, do so under the influence of drink. The forces of law and order have at their disposal many ways of dealing with the guilty. But as a society we have too few ways of preventing these crimes.

"We've successfully cut drink-driving with the breathalyser. …