Letter: Christianity's Key Role; Spirituality

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Dear Editor, - I was interested to read your Weekend articles on spirituality. I am an Anglican priest who spends much of my time working in spirituality. I consider that you have misrepresented the subject to your readers by giving undue prominence to late 20th century fringe spirituality, which is not rooted in the main spiritual traditions of humanity.

Barbara Berger writes that spirituality is about the quest for the meaning of life. That is the precise purpose of all the great religions, to guide people in this quest.

Seventy per cent of the people in Britain claim to be Christians, although many now have little relationship with worshipping communities. Christian spiritual practices have been tried and tested over 2,000 years. They help us find our true selves and the meaning of life in relation to God, our creator, the source and inspirer of life, through a living relationship with the risen Jesus Christ. …