Williams to Launch Information Gateway at Congress of Cities

Article excerpt

On Saturday, December 4, NLC First Vice President Anthony A. Williams, mayor, Washington, D.C., will address the delegates at the Congress of Cities to present his vision of the National League of Cities as a gateway of information for and about cities and towns.

The gateway the mayor envisions will be an integrated network of communications vehicles including the NLC website, conferences and seminars, Nation's Cities Weekly and cable programming that will provide knowledge for cities and towns and the people who live in them to enable them to address the challenges of improving their communities. In addition, the gateway will showcase news and activities in cities and provide visitors direct links to NLC member city websites.

"It will be the world of cities, brought to you by the National League of Cities," said Executive Director Donald J. Borut, in describing Mayor Williams' vision. "City and town officials and their residents will be able to turn to NLC as the premier source of information about cities and towns."

The first step in implement ing Mayor Williams' vision for NLC is the launch of the new NLC website, which was completed this past weekend. The new site is available at the same address, www.nlc.org.

The new site provides a fresh, clean look that makes it easier for visitors to find information and to better convey NLC's priorities and provides an entirely new navigation system to make it easier for visitors to scan for resources within a certain issue area including training, technical assistance, research reports, advocacy tools, and examples of what other cities are doing.

Visitors are now just a click or two away from a multitude of valuable NLC offerings, including the online version of Nation's Cities Weekly with the latest news that affects cities and towns; NLC's vast collection of examples of city programs: reference information about city and town governments; updates on advocacy efforts with a direct connection to congressional representatives; and direct links to state municipal league websites.

As part of Mayor Williams' focus on using technology to connect local officials with each other, NLC will be providing a webcast of portions of the Congress of Cities, including live coverage of his remarks on Saturday morning. …