International Day of Disabled Persons

Article excerpt

IN many countries, organizations headed by the United Nations (UN) have come to increasingly recognize that the majority of people with disabilities, particularly those in developing countries, continue to be marginalized from mainstream development policies and programs. According to estimates, no more than two to three percent of disabled people now referred to as physically challenged people, who need rehabilitation are receiving such services. Lack of participation and interest of people with disabilities in processes that determine policies affecting their well-being has contributed to the neglect of their needs.

To provide an opportunity for governments, organizations of disabled persons and society in general to focus on the freedoms and wants of persons with disabilities, the International Day of Disabled Persons is being observed by the United Nations on December 3 of each year. The observance started since 1992.

The event aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and concerns and to mobilize support to enhance the dignity, rights, and well-being of persons with disabilities. …