300 Years of Community History in Architecture

Article excerpt

Easttown Township chose to celebrate its tercentenary to create a greater awareness of local history. The township also wanted to emphasize the assets we possess in people, services, and the many fine cultural and recreational resources available to all the residents, their children, and businesses in Easttown Township.

History and Architecture

With history and architecture as our theme, sixth-grade art students researched homes and buildings in the township dating back as early as the 1700s. After a walking tour with a local historian, and with photo references to work from, I asked students to choose from the many historic sites and do a drawing for the exhibit.

Students made an aesthetic choice from the photos of the buildings. This provided them with additional awareness of the historical and cultural resources in their community. Specific attention was given to the materials and how they impact the building's appearance.

Sense of Community

After drawing and exploring the various familiar buildings, students realized their importance in creating a sense of community. When they saw their projected images along with historical photos from Easttown's past and the multimedia experience of narration, singing, and dancing, it truly became an integrated celebration. …