Tile Art Connects Past, Future Students

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Byline: John Johnston Daily Herald Correspondent


CORRECTION/date 11-16-2004: In a story in Sunday's Neighbor section about Jewel Middle School in North Aurora, former Principal Rosemary Pinnick's name was spelled incorrectly.


A project that was five years in the making now has a permanent home at Jewel Middle School in North Aurora.

Last week, teachers and students finished decorating pillars with tiles that showed Egyptian-themed art. The project, which has been under way since the school opened, represents a gift from the first five classes at Jewel to all future students.

Art teacher Eva Balek said former Principal Rosemary Pinnik came to her with the idea when the school opened in 1999.

Students in the first class submitted large sketches of Egyptian art. Other classes then took the time to transfer those drawings to a grid, which later became individual tiles. The tiles were then handmade and painted, each requiring five trips to the kiln.

Pinnik, now the assistant superintendent, said she thought the first class, which submitted the design sketches, should be able to leave a lasting impression on the school.

"We wanted something historical from the first class. These pillars will be a lasting contribution," Pinnik said.

The Egyptian theme was decided on for two reasons. Pinnik said the school is divided into three pods, one for each grade. …