Kinsey's Hidden Child Abuse: Though Lauded in the Media as an Exemplary Man of Science, Alfred Kinsey Instigated, Perpetuated, and Covered Up the Molestation of Children in the Name of Research

Article excerpt

If you and your family are hooked into the Mainstream Managed Media, you, no doubt, already have noticed the enormous campaign underway to promote Kinsey, the new movie about the world's most famous "sex scientist." Led by the New York Times and the television giants --Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS--the massive media onslaught is once again making the name of Alfred C. Kinsey a household word. Kinsey is being touted as a surprise favorite to bring home the Hollywood gold in the upcoming Oscar sweepstakes.

The tragedy--and outrageous travesty of justice--in all of this is that these media giants are aiding and abetting the cinematic transformation of an infamous, despicable child-sex criminal into a noble hero. Kinsey's fraudulent use of statistics and his unethical "research" methodologies to promote his perverse sexual agenda are well documented. It also has been public knowledge for quite a few years now that Kinsey and his researchers knowingly, willingly, and enthusiastically sponsored, supported, and engaged in the most horrid criminal sexual abuse of children. I say this is "public knowledge" in the sense that the documents and admissions concerning the Kinsey sex crimes against children are in the public realm. But "the public" is largely ignorant of this information because the pro-Kinsey, pro-hedonist media have censored this information in the interest of protecting and furthering the so-called Sexual Revolution. By willfully continuing this cover-up of Kinsey's record and by elevating him to virtual sainthood, they have become willing accomplices to his unconscionable crimes.

Following the Formula

Starring Liam Neeson, the intellectuals' glamour guy, Kinsey's early scenes show the young Alfred being badgered by his domineering father (played by John Lithgow), a lay Methodist preacher who, naturally, fits the negative Hollywood stereotype of a rigid, sexually repressed, religious bigot. In spite of this terrible handicap (according to the movie), young Alfred heroically overcomes the religious inhibitions that are keeping him sexually stunted. And in the process, he also liberates the libidos of a generation, throughout America and the world. Thanks to Kinsey, we are told, universal ignorance and fear of sex were conquered.

Here is a small sampling of the accolades being heaped upon Kinsey:

* A.O. Scott, New York Times: "I can't think of another movie that has dealt with sex so knowledgeably and, at the same time, made the pursuit of knowledge seem so sexy."

* Mike Clark, USA Today: "makes Kinsey a complex hero ... one of the year's better movies."

* Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter: "boasts exceptional lead performances and lovely writing."

* Lou Lumenick, New York Post: "it's as purely entertaining as it is thought-provoking and timely."

* Peter Travers, Rolling Stone: "knockout of a movie."

Contrast these adulatory bouquets with the savage treatment dished out over the past year to Mel Gibson and his inspiring movie, The Passion of the Christ. Many of the same reviewers who viciously attacked The Passion as "obscene," "pornographic," and "sadistic" are absolutely in love with Kinsey, even though these derogatory adjectives accurately describe Kinsey, the movie, as well as Kinsey, the man.

However, far more important than the glowing reviews of Kinsey have been the print and broadcast promotionals posing as legitimate news stories. The major media organizations have used the movie's release as a hook to showcase and promote the Kinseyite gospel of unrestrained sexual "liberation." Something is very fishy here. According to Yahoo Weekend Box Office Actuals, Kinsey only opened in five theaters nationally on November 12. Yet it has had huge publicity, including tens of millions of dollars worth of free media hype, by selected Kinsey-friendly reviewers, editors, and reporters. The producers and directors of Kinsey know that the message in their movie is completely at odds with the concern for morality that so many voters expressed in the recent election exit polls. …