The Biz! Keep Staff Engaged

Article excerpt

IN today's highly competitive marketplaces, where organisations are as likely to face competition from abroad as from the domestic market, the need to inspire employees to give their very best performance at work is more pressing and urgent than it has ever been.

This notion of employee engagement is consequently one of the key commercial aims of business today.

It should be, because an organisation whose employees are wholeheartedly and comprehensively engaged will score massive advantages over its rivals in terms of improved customer service, enhanced productivity and quality and much better retention of top rate employees.

Unfortunately, too many organisations still persist in adopting a rather old-fashioned approach to motivating their employees.

Such organisations rarely devote much real effort and clear thinking to investigating what is really motivating their employees.

In practice, most organisations would derive very great commercial benefits from a complete rethink of their approach to employee motivation. …