Naperville Firefighter Indicted on Official Misconduct Charge

Article excerpt

Byline: Christy Gutowski Daily Herald Legal Affairs Writer

A Naperville firefighter faced criminal charges Wednesday after authorities accused him of roughing up a woman in custody at the local police station.

Timothy Hermsdorf responded to a police department call Sept. 19 to provide medical treatment to a 20-year-old woman suffering a panic attack.

Instead, prosecutors allege the nearly 17-year veteran lost his temper, shoving the woman around like a rag doll. A grand jury indicted Hermsdorf on official misconduct and aggravated battery charges this week.

The 47-year-old Aurora man is expected to plead innocent next week while being arraigned on the felonies - each of which carries a prison term of up to five years.

It's unclear what provoked the scuffle with Hermsdorf, but his attorney suggested the woman was uncontrollable. Police had arrested her on charges of misdemeanor battery and unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor, court records showed.

"She apparently was under the influence of alcohol and had just been in a fight," defense attorney David Camic said. "He responded to try to provide assistance to this woman who was in the middle of a psychological episode. Any contact with her would have been in the course of his official duties. …