Russia/China/India Axis

Article excerpt

According to the December 9 Asia Times, the Russian government of "ex"-KGB officer Vladimir Putin is calling "for a Moscow-New Delhi-Beijing axis, an alliance of three nuclear-armed countries of some 2.5 billion people that theoretically would be able to balance U.S. power in coming years." This alignment "would make a great contribution to global security," Putin stated during a visit to India's capital, New Delhi.

The Times points out that "A 'strategic triangle' linking Russia, India and China was first suggested by former Russian premier (and incidentally Saddam Hussein's old friend) Yevgeny Primakov in 1998." (Primakov, not coincidentally, presided over the KGB's Arab terrorist network in the late 1980s.) Beijing was initially cool to the idea, reports the Times, while "New Delhi remained noncommittal."

However, since 2002, the "strategic triangle" concept has been revived. The three potential strategic allies "are all understood to have a number of converging interests that could add substance to the axis talk. All three were opposed to the war on Iraq and protested against what they viewed as a rejection of the rules of the international game. They continue to back the primacy of the UN Security Council in solving crises.. …