Art by Subject

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If you're looking for a particular type of image, consult the Art by
Subject pages. You will find lists of publishers who carry more than
50 different categories of art. The listings also tell you what media
are available from what publishers.

The media specified in Art by Subject include: original graphics, such
as etchings, lithographs and serigraphs; posters; limited edition
reproductions; open edition reproductions; paintings, including oils,
acrylics and watercolors; photographs; and sculptures and figurines.
In addition, Other is the umbrella category for any media not
specified, such as batiks, tapestries, enamels, fiber art and rubbings.

                                        Graphics      Posters

Animals: Aquatic

Abbot Art                               x             --
P. Buckley Moss Galleries, Ltd.         x             x
Slaymaker Fine Art Ltd.                 x             --
ARC Prints                              --            x
Abraham Millner Antiquarian Books       x             x
Applejack Art Partners                  --            x
Art Expressions Int'l Inc.              x             --
The Art Group                           --            x
Art Headquarters                        --            x
Art In Motion                           --            x
Art Season Corp.                        x             --
Art Wise                                --            x
Art with Flair                          --            --
ArtAtelier                              --            --
Artworks Gallery & Framing Centre       --            --
Artstock International                  --            x
Blackwell & Associates, Wm.             --            --
Bon Art & Artique                       --            x
Bruce McGaw Graphics                    --            x
Bruce Teleky Inc                        --            x
CASI/QLT                                x             --
Clearwater Publishing                   --            --
Elaine Hahn Art                         x             --
EuroGraphics, Inc.                      --            x
Exotic Sea Images                       --            x
Felix Rosenstiel's Widow & Son Ltd.     --            x
Geme Art, Inc.                          --            x
Great Art 4 Less, Inc.                  --            x
H & M Art Gallery                       --            x
Haddad's Fine Arts                      --            x
Happy Donutz                            --            --
Hart & Associates Fine Art              --            x
ICF Custom Design                       x             --
Idealdecor USA                          --            x
Jadei Graphics                          --            x
Joseph Watson Collection                x             --
Lamination Preservation                 --            x
Michelle Momot                          --            x
Lieberman's Gallery                     --            x
Limited Editions                        --            --
Makk Studios                            x             --
Mark Hopkins Sculpture, Inc.            --            --
Midair Studio                           x             --
Mill Pond Art Licensing                 --            --
New York Graphic Society                --            x
Ocean Graphics                          x             x
Old World Prints                                      x
Open Air Designs                        --            --
Opus One Publishing                     --            x
Posterservice, Inc.                     --            x
Paul Brent Studio Editions              --            x
Peter Lane Fine Arts
  Corporation                           x             x
Plantation Gallery, Inc.                x             --
Portfolio Graphics                      --            x
Rainbow Arts Company                    x             --
Romy Ragan Studios                      x             --
Rosenbaum Fine Art                      x             --
Sara Graphics                           --            x
Schiftan, Inc. …