Survey: Catholic Investors Wary of Media Violence

Article excerpt

A new survey found that when Catholic institutions invest their endowments, they increasingly want to make sure their dollars are not funding media enterprises that conflict with their moral values.

The finding emerged last month from a 2004 survey of 151 Catholic institutions, including colleges, dioceses, religious orders and hospitals.

In comparing these results with those from their last survey in 2001, Christian Brothers Investment Services identified a growing wariness toward companies that profit from depicting violence and sex.

When ranking their chief social concerns, Catholic institutions put production of pornography at No. 3, up from No. 10 in 2001. In another shift, violence in the mainstream media had not made the top 10 concerns of 2001, but this year it claimed the No. 6 slot.

The eighth biggest worry this year was a combined concern about sexually explicit content in mainstream media and the business of distributing pornography.

Abortion repeated this year as the No. 1 social concern of Catholic institutional investors, followed by environmental justice, which was not included in the 2001 survey. Concern to advance universal access to health care shared the No. …