Manifold Aspects of Graft, Corruption

Article excerpt

THE manifold aspects of corruption seem so pervasive that not a day passes without this venality in government being mentioned in the news and talked about at public discussions.

Of course, corruption is a worldwide occurrence with underdeveloped countries often at risk by its manipulation.

What is disturbing is that in this degrading worldwide phenomenon, the Philippines is prominently mentioned.

And to think that corruption has always been linked with politics and government regulations.

Government regulations spawn corruption and high-level corruption stunts growth and limits investment and creates economic inadequacies, we are told.

It also leads to ineffective governance.

It may be noted that since Gloria Arroyo assumed the presidency, she has been rallying the nation to support her in her crusade against corruption in government.

Today, after winning her own term of office, there has been no let-up in proclaiming honesty in the Arroyo administration with promises of national renewal and prosperity as embodied in her much-publicized 10-point agenda for the nation.

Even so, charges of corruption remain a destabilizing issue without let-up.

Even congressional leaders supporting the administration have joined the call to arrest the escalating incidence of corruption in the various sectors of the bureaucracy.

The other day, the Majority Leaders of the House of Representatives no less dismissed economic reforms effort unless it is backed by serious commitment to eradicate corruption in government.

Majority Leader Prospero Nograles, a staunch defender of the President, said the pursuit of economic goals could be possible only if the government could cut clean of corruption.

"For so long there has been a clear need for a towering figure with both domestic and international stature in the Cabinet to formulate and articulate a coherent and cohesive public policy and fiscal strategy," Rep. Joey Salceda, a senior economic adviser to President Arroyo, said. …