Vital: 'Normal' Life Can Be Deadly

Article excerpt


FROM the food we eat to the containers we store it in, modern life is making us ill. In some cases it can be deadly. Scots medical expert Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton has addressed concerns about commonly used toxic chemicals along with advice for beating the modern diseases in her new book, Stop The 21st Century Killing You. In it she explains how levels of once-rare illnesses and diseases are now commonplace. In 1900, less than four per cent of the UK population died of heart disease and cancer combined. By 2002 this figure was up to 65 per cent. Dr Baillie-Hamilton puts this down to 'slow poisoning' caused by chemicals around us. Her book lists 11 ways we come into contact with toxins - the more that apply to you, the greater your risk of developing a chemically triggered disease.

Do you work with chemicals, use pesticides, or non-environmentally friendly cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaners? Chemicals in medicines such as nit shampoo and mercury preservatives in vaccines are also listed as dangerous.

But the most basic problems are likely to be the most widespread. Do you eat mostly non-organic fruit and veg, processed foods, drink unfiltered tap water or soft drinks from aluminium cans? …