International Scientific Conference Biodiversity: Science and Governance

Article excerpt

THE conservation of biological diversity is an international responsibility. It is a crucial component of cultural identity and socio-economic wealth, and has become an important part of the United Nations sustainable development and poverty alleviation programs. It became a focus of discussions at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and at Johannesburg in 2002, the outcome of which was the establishment of the Convention on Biological Diversity which is expected to play an effective role in putting together approaches that suit the particular needs and circumstances of nations.

The Convention has been able to make nations aware of being able to recognize the benefit of supporting national and regional processes that can ensure that all sectors of society are involved in the expansion of policies and practices on biodiversity, and have access to the tools that will allow them to make the best use of their resources and share in the benefits derived from the development of technologies based on traditional knowledge and resources.

To strengthen the ongoing global processes steered by the Convention on Biological Diversity, a conference on "Biodiversity: Science and Governance" will be held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France on January 24-28, 2005. …