Cut! Why the World's Top Movie Directors Weren't Good Enough for Scotland

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THEY may have become big box office in Hollywood, but as fledgling moviemakers they weren't good enough for Edinburgh.

A string of screen giants were given short shrift by the Edinburgh Film Festival, as recently rediscovered papers have revealed.

Now-famous directors such as Oliver Stone, Jonathan Demme, Brian de Palma, Robert Zemeckis and Paul Verhoeven were among a string of unknowns given the knock-back by the festival 33 years ago.

Long-forgotten entry forms dating back to 1972, found in a cupboard at the Edinburgh Filmhouse, reveal the first films made by the likes of Stone and de Palma were returned marked 'Rejected'.

The young hopeful de Palma did not get to show Hi, Mom!, a post-Vietnam film starring Robert de Niro, with which he was desperately hoping to launch his career.

But the setback did not stop him achieving critical acclaim and box office success with Scarface, The Untouchables and Mission Impossible.

Jonathan Demme fared better as a producer and writer of The Hotbox, which was shown at the festival, but it was considered marginal and attracted little attention. …