'Each According to Their Gifts'

Article excerpt


I realize that your column, "Culture, et cetera," is meant to be a reflection of our society, not of the opinions of The Washington Times (in fact, sometimes just the opposite).

I must comment on the item you ran about Johnny Carson ("Fleeting fame," Jan. 27) by Terry Teachout, who writes at www.artsjournal.com. This was one of the more "over the top" articles I've read about Mr. Carson since he died. The only point well taken was one Mr. Teachout didn't even emphasize: that the media might have overplayed his death.

Writing that Mr. Carson's life was insignificant and not memorable, etc., was pointless. We all do what we have to do or what we "fall into." Very few of us decide at an early age to shake the world. I married a lawyer/Navy man, moved 11 times and am now doing editorial contract work and helping with three grandchildren. …