Robert Smithson's Spiral Jette

Article excerpt

Have you ever met an artist? Would you like to meet one? Where would you go to find an artist? You are closer to a great artist than you think. Go outside and look around. The forces of nature are busy creating beautiful colors and shapes. Can you find the artist in your neighborhood?

Nature is filled with environmental art. Some art has been created by nature itself. Sun, wind, water and time continually create natural art. Some art is created by people who combine the beauty of nature with their own imagination. The environment can be used like paint for a painter, or marble for a sculptor. Environmental artists make their art from the earth. Their art materials may be found anywhere. This is often called Earth Art.

Robert Smithson was an American sculptor. His best-known works are his Earth Art creations. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, he made his unusual works of art by collecting rocks and pebbles from old mines and quarries. He stacked these into piles and filled boxes with them.

Robert's largest work is in the Great Salt Lake of Utah. …