TESDA to Assist Youths in Career Guidance

Article excerpt


Starting this year, junior high school students, out of school youths (OSYs) and other people who are still seeking for employment will be assisted by the government in career guidance through the Youth Profile for Starring Careers (YP4SC) to minimize unemployment, dropouts, career shifts, displacement of workers and unproductivity.

YP4SC is a project of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) which will be launched on Feb. 16.

The YP4SC aims to generate more jobs in line with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyos agenda on the creation of six to 10 million jobs in the next six years.

Milagros Dawa-Hernandez, TESDAs deputy director general for Policy and Planning, said, "YP4SC is the brainchild of [TESDA] Sec. Augusto Boboy Syjuco because when he came in [as TESDA secretary], he realized that employment is not being made as the hard core objective of our training."

Hernandez added that Syjuco realized that part of the reason for not finding a job is because the said government agency is not able to provide career guidance to young people in their chosen field of study.

The TESDA deputy director general also said that they realized that an aptitude test is needed to see if the childs chosen career fits his potentials. With the aptitude test, a child would be able to discover that he can actually choose a variety of careers. …