Why I Won't Be Dancing at Charles and Camilla's Wedding; ROYAL WEDDING

Article excerpt


WOULDN'T you just know it was far too soppy a thing for staid old Charles and Camilla to do.

Save their wedding announcement for Valentine's Day that is.

So anonymous February 10 turned into their romantic big day. And the nation rejoiced in the gladness. Or not.

Within seconds, rolling TV news programmes nit-picked endlessly about every dot and comma of their past, present and future lives.

Long, long ago I lost the will to care about the self-centred pair.

Now I'm losing the will to live anywhere near any sight, sound or vital drop of information about either of them.

But we are not to be denied the very last episode of The Right Royal House of Windsor - a drama which has kept the nation gripped for years.

I loved Diana. Cried buckets for her lot in life and the shock manner of her awful death.

I loathed C&C for renewing and pursuing their clandestine love which bore my blame for taking the world's favourite heroine to the brink and way, way beyond.

I hated the post-mortem slagging off of Diana and convenient rewrite of history as I watched it unfold.

Anyone can make a mistake, especially in marriage. Millions do every year and go on to find a love which lasts.

So it would be bah humbug to say these particular divorcees should not trip down the aisle or where ever else they plan to plight their troth. …