Cleric Calls on Couple to Repent; ROYAL WEDDING

Article excerpt

THE wedding announcement has not had an unqualified welcome in Coventry and Warwickshire.

The Dean of Coventry, the Very Rev John Irvine, says he would be glad to hear of some repentance from the couple.

He said: "I am a pragmatist and it was quite clear the nature of relationship would, in other circumstances, allow them to marry.

"It has been an unsatisfactory situation so far. I trust my Archbishop talked it through and there will be a civil ceremony followed by prayers.

"This will help concerns about the bigger implications because Camilla was involved to some extent in the break-up of the previous marriage. I would like to hear of some repentance."

The Archbishop of Canterbury was involved in the delicate negotiations about how Charles should marry divorcee Camilla, with whom he had an affair while still married.

Although Camilla will legally become the Princess of Wales, aides said she wished to be known as the Duchess of Cornwall instead for "private reasons".

The Marquess of Hertford, whose ancestral home is the 17th century Ragley Hall near Alcester, said he was happy for the couple and would have had no objection to Britain having a "Queen Camilla."

He added: "I have no problems with their marrying - he's the future monarch and she's his consort. …