What It Was like to Be the Parents of Warwick's Answer to the Bay City Rollers

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Byline: By SAMANTHA NANDA samantha.nanda@mrn.co.uk

SCREAMING fans and appearances on Top of the Pops are just some of the memories that came flooding back to the parents of a 1970s heartthrob.

Gordon and Barbara Harris couldn't believe it when they saw old pictures of their son Kevin Harris, who was the lead singer of local band Stevenson's Rocket, in a feature in the Evening Telegraph last month.

The piece took his mum and dad back to the days when bus loads of girls used to turn up at their former home in St Christopher's Close hoping to catch a glimpse of Warwick's answer to The Bay City Rollers.

Barbara, aged 66, who is a support worker for Age Concern, recalls: "There was one girl who was going through the dustbin and for some reason she wrote 'I love Kevin' on the petals of a daffodil!

"They were all good kids though - they used to travel from all over to see him and ask me if they could come in and see where he slept.

"Some of them used to bring us flowers. He never seemed to be home when they came but they wouldn't believe us when we said he wasn't in.

"When he did stop in it would be 3am with the other lads for some beans on toast!"

Stevenson's Rocket were discovered by Coventry pop guru Pete Waterman and started out playing local clubs in the mid 1970s.

Kevin's dad Gordon, a retired Jaguar worker, remembered how he used to go and help the boys set up at gigs.

Mr Harris, aged 71, said: "We had some great times with the lads. We used to try and go and see them whenever we could around the country, they used to tour a lot.

"Once, in Sheffield, Kevin had decided he was going to come home with us and as we were leaving all these girls just came towards him. …