GO: ROCK: Paddy 'Living' It Up

Article excerpt

TIME IS money in the music business - and success is the best way of buying extra time.

Paddy Casey released debut album Amen (So Be It) within a year of signing up for Sony, the recording crammed into a frantic eight-day session.

But bumper sales and a stack of awards for that effort earned the Irish singer-songwriter all the artistic leeway he could have asked for: follow- up Living has been more than four years in the making and Casey is delighted with the results.

Despite the acclaim heaped on Amen, Casey now calls those songs "sophisticated demos." Living, released on Monday, is an all together more ambitious affair, exploring his exceptional vocal range with strings, horns, keyboards and the full rock-band trimmings.

"It's a much better album," insists the one-time Dublin busker; "more upbeat, a lot more interesting dynamically. It's a little bit closer to where I want to go.

"I wanted to make an album that went more for the rhythm end of things, using percussion and beats and with a few tracks that people could dance to. …