Storied Past Is Rooted in 19th-Century Vienna; the Arnot Galleries' History Includes Exhibitions by Monet, Edouard Cotes and Egon Schiele

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The Arnot Galleries, which originated in 1863 in Vienna, Austria, may be found as a reference in books on the artist Egon Schiele, for whom the Arnot Gallery in Vienna gave his first retrospective in 1915. Other artists exhibiting with the Arnot Gallery were Monet in 1912, as documented in the catalogue raisonne by Daniel Wildenstein Volume IV, p. 1021, liste des expositions, and Edouard Cortes as documented in the newly released catalogue raisonne by Nicole Verdier.

Arnot's New York City showrooms were opened in the early 1940s by the third generation of Arnot art dealers, Herbert Arnot. With the opening of Herbert Arnot, Inc., the representation of the paintings by Edouard Cortes continued with the Arnot family.

Malva is one of the most talented artists being represented exclusively by the Arnot art dealers, currently in the family's fifth generation.

Malva continues to be one of the most important contemporary artists of our generation. Malva has often been described by art critics as "the Cortes of our generation." Malva is unique as an Expressionist, Impressionist and Colorist. …