ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management: Re-Energize Your Efforts at the Premier Program for Bank Marketers

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* Increase your competitive advantage with leading-edge strategies and approaches

* Benefit from a dynamic curriculum delivered by the industry's top marketers

* New in 2005--effective strategies for evaluating your marketing efforts and optimizing your ROI

* Announcing new location--Northwestern University in Evanston, IL--outside Chicago.

Dear Prospective Student,

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management. For half a century, we've provided the marketing and management expertise that's powered many of our nation's banks, while giving thousands of individuals a boost on long and rewarding careers. Today, students come to us from all over the globe, drawn by the in-depth education we provide in all areas of financial marketing and management.

No matter if you're an experienced banker or new to the profession, you're sure to find the know-how you need at the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management. Our curriculum covers all the fundamentals, as well as special interest areas. What's more, you'll learn from leading experts in classes that simulate real-life working situations.

Whether it's managing a call center, responding to new market trends, or selling financial products on the Internet, a successful banker's education never stops. And the best place to begin or continue your learning is with the undisputed leader in bank marketing and management education. We're proud to say that's the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management. We look forward to meeting you at Northwestern University in June.


James H. Donnelly Jr., CFMP

ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management

Academic Dean and Faculty Member

Thomas C. Simons

Professor of Business

University of Kentucky

A Smart Investment for Banks and Bankers

Enjoy success in bank marketing and management with the only educational institution of its kind. The ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management has developed an industry-wide reputation for excellence. For over 50 years, our courses have helped bankers across America to:

* Gain a firm grasp of critical marketing principles, management practices and current trends

* Learn from marketing heavyweights, powerhouse banking professionals and highly experienced teachers

* Network with colleagues and make valuable, enduring contacts.

A Top-Flight Bottom Line

A wise investment for all financial institutions and their marketing partners, the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management education offers highly valuable, long-term benefits such as:

* Keeping your marketing efforts fresh, cutting-edge and profitable

* Rewarding and encouraging valued employees

* Increasing your institution's visibility and contacts among banking professionals nationwide

* Keeping your staff up to date on the latest trends and techniques.

New Career Power for Everyone

The ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management offers opportunities for bankers from a wide range of professional backgrounds, especially:

* Bankers who need a solid grounding in marketing and management

* Marketing directors and staff who want to stay current and increase their expertise

* Training specialists, database marketers, product managers, retail and branch managers, and others who want to develop an in-depth understanding of bank marketing and management.

The Nation's Top Bank Marketing and Management School

The ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management has graduated over 5,000 students in 50 years. The first choice of bankers and financial institutions everywhere, the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management offers a top flight education in a dynamic environment that encourages problem-solving, intellectual exploration and creativity. …