Have Books, Will Travel Librarian Delivers Materials to Homebound Batavians

Article excerpt

Byline: Sammi King

She probably checks out more books at the library than anyone else in Batavia. And she very seldom reads any of them. Who is this woman who checks out about 200 books every two weeks?

She's Jo Goodger, Batavia's homebound librarian.

Goodger has been visiting homebound members of our community for the past five years, offering them a variety of large-print books for their reading enjoyment.

"I usually take about half mysteries and half romance, along with a few extra non-fiction," she said. "Occasionally, I'll get a request for a certain book and then I bring that as well."

Goodger visits 50 to 60 people every two weeks. She travels to the Holmstad, Park Manor, Michaelsen Health Center, Heritage Woods and Riverrain communities. She also visits three seniors who are living in their own homes but unable to get to the library.

"The service is for people who can no longer drive or for those who find it difficult to get into the library, "she added. "Sometimes just walking from the parking lot to the entrance and then all the way to the large-print section can be too much for people."

The service is not for people who just don't want to go out into the cold or who have other means to get books from the library.

"We manage the program on a case-by-case basis," said Goodger. "Most of the homebound live alone and no longer have the opportunity to drive."

Goodger feels fortunate to have a job that enables her to visit people and share something that she loves, a love of books. An avid reader, she realizes how important it is to stay connected to the library and have books available to enjoy. The hardest part of the job is hauling books from place to place. …