Call for Stricter Environmental Standards for Homes

Article excerpt

A large majority of Welsh people want the Government to set new standards for green homes.

A new poll launched this week on St David's Day by WWF Cymru reveals that 85% of Welsh people want the Government to set stricter environmental standards for new housing.

The findings came on the day that WWF Cymru launched a brand new guide to help designers, planners and developers make sustainable house-building the norm in Wales.

Building a Future for Wales: A Strategy for Sustainable Housing prepared by the Centre for Research in the Built Environment of the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA) is a detailed piece of research which delves into aspects of sustainability such as the impacts house-builders and occupiers have on the environment and society.

It addresses such challenges as minimising waste and carbon emissions and looks at the issues involved in making homes more efficient in terms of their use of energy, water and materials.

Another finding from the poll, which questioned 1,000 adults in Wales was that 85% believe the Government should provide tax breaks for households that take steps to reduce their environmental damage, such as car sharing and recycling.

'Our poll shows that increasingly people in Wales are more aware of the negative impact their homes are having on the environment because of the way they are designed and built. This guide offers key guidelines for ways to make homes more environmentally friendly,' said Haf Roberts, policy officer for WWF Cymru.

'If our homes in Wales are designed, delivered and occupied more sustainably then we are helping to address climate change, species loss and deforestation. …