Paranaque Flushing out Druggies, Hoods

Article excerpt

Vice Mayor Anjo Yllana of Paranaque has filed an ordinance requiring the compulsory registration of all residential and commercial lessees in the city starting this year.

Yllana, the councils presiding officer, sponsored the ordinance together with five councilors, following the series of raids on alleged shabu laboratories in Multinational Village, Barangay Moonwalk.

According to Yllana, his measure is not only meant to flush out possible drug centers, factories or storehouses and drug pushers. It is likewise meant to keep out any terrorist and criminal suspects who plan to hide and reside in Paranaque while being hunted by authorities.

To be known as the compulsory lessee registration ordinance of 2005, the citys residential and commercial establishments, either owned by a Filipino or by a foreign investor, are required to register their names and addresses with the city government for regulatory purposes.

Two weeks ago, a fifth shabu laboratory was discovered in the Multinational Village, the eighth such illegal establishment exposed in the city since Mayor Florencio Bernabe assumed office last July.

The five homes in the village housing suspected shabu laboratories were occupied by either Chinese and Taiwanese. Police investigation revealed that the house was owned by Chinese national Aida Wong but being rented by Jackie Yuen, a Taiwanese. …