Does Your English Let You Down?

Article excerpt

A SIMPLE technique for acquiring a swift mastery of good English has just been announced. It could double your powers of self-expression. It could pay you real dividends in business and social advancement, and give you added poise, self-confidence and personal effectiveness.


Many people do not realise how much they could influence others simply by speaking and writing with greater power, authority and precision. Whether in business, at social functions, or even in casual conversation with new acquaintances, you could dominate each situation simply by using the right word in the right way.

For example, when you are presenting a report, training a child, fighting for a cause, making a sale, writing an essay, or asking for a rise ... your success could depend upon the words you use.

Yet thousands of talented, intelligent people are held back because their powers of self-expression do not equal their other abilities.

But now the right words are yours to command! A free booklet, "Good English --the Language of Success", tells you all about a remarkable home-study Course which could give you a swift mastery of good English in just 20 minutes a day. …