80% OF TSUNAMI VICTIMS WOMEN; Study Reveals Horrifying Toll of Killer Wave

Article excerpt

Byline: By Paula Murray

FOUR times as many women as men were killed by the Indian Ocean tsunami, figures suggest.

Aid agency Oxfam International surveyed eight villages in the worst-hit region, Aceh in Indonesia, for a report on the disaster's effect on women.

Females accounted for nearly 80 per cent of deaths in these villages. And reports from other areas hit by the tsunami suggest the same pattern.

In Cuddalore district in India, almost three times more women were killed, with 391 victims compared to 146 men.

And camp surveys in Sri Lanka show a serious imbalance between the number of men and women killed.

Oxfam say a variety of reasons could account for the imbalance.

They include women staying behind to look for their children and them being less likely to know how to swim or climb palm trees.

Although many women in Aceh work, the Boxing Day tsunami struck on a Sunday, meaning they were more likely to be at home. …