New Church Plans to Open This Easter Ascension Lutheran Now in Batavia Twp

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Byline: Gala M. Pierce Daily Herald Staff Writer

Some denominations don't believe in every word of the Bible.

However, the Ascension Lutheran Church, which hopes to open this Easter in its new Batavia Township home, does consider the Bible to be God's word.

"We believe, teach and preach that the Bible is the true word of God," the Rev. David Baker said. "There's so many in this day and age that have abandoned that. That is what sets us apart."

That's a credence that congregation member Bob Nolan also takes to heart.

"That's the only way to go is strictly by the Bible," the Downers Grove man said.

Nolan said he spends about five days a week helping out at the new facility, at 0S850 Wenmoth Road. As a retired electrician, he has lent a hand with the wiring, footing, foundation and walls.

The congregation, which moved from Addison and serves the Chicago area, is its own contractor, Baker said.

About 25 to 30 of the congregation's 50 members also have dropped by on weekends to help get the building ready.

The congregation was founded in 1973 in Addison. At that time a house was converted into a chapel as a temporary home.

In May 2002, the Immanuel Lutheran Church bought 5 acres with $235,000 cash. At that time, Baker realized their name was already taken in town.

So the church decided to go by Ascension Lutheran Church as closing day of purchasing of the new land happened close to Ascension Day, the church celebration 40 days after Easter.

To construct the building, Baker's congregation borrowed $250,000 from its synod - the Church of the Lutheran Confession, which has a cottage and seminary in Eau Claire, Wis. …