Election 05: DOUBLE TAKE; NAMESAKES Alex Salmond, Anthony Blair, Charles Kennedy and Michael Howard Reveal What They Think of the Party Leaders They Share Their Names with and How They Will Vote When It Comes to the Big Day on May 5

Article excerpt

# Alexander Salmond, 53, a roads worker of Calder, Edinburgh. Voting Labour'I WAS born and bred in Gorgie and was brought up as a Labour supporter and I'm not going to change now.

'Posh folk phone here thinking I'm him but once they hear me speak they know they've got the wrong number.

'I've had more money in my pocket since Labour came to power and Blair is good at fighting for the rights of the working man.

'Unemployment in Scotland has gone down since Labour came to office and the economy has got stronger.

'A Conservative government would be bad news for Scotland and I can see unemployment rising.

'Tony Blair has taken some slagging over the Iraq war but at heart he is down to earth and honest. I think Alex Salmond is a nice guy.

'I'm a great believer in a strong Scotland but I'm afraid my heart will always be with Labour# Anthony Blair, 33, an artist from Motherwell. Voting SSP'I HAVE voted in every election since I was 18 and I used to like Labour.

'I also used to like Tony Blair but now when he comes on television I shout at him. I don't like having the same name as him any more.'

Anthony, who has Down's Syndrome, was Lanarkshire Young Artist of the Year 2004 and goes to John Thompson House in Motherwell. But cutbacks mean it is due to shut. Now Anthony is struggling to find a job. He said: 'I have SVQs in catering but nowhere is willing to take someone like me on. This is unfair as many 16-year-olds with no training can get jobs in McDonald's, but not me.

'I hope a Socialist government would find jobs for me and my friends because I hate sitting around and doing nothing# Charles Kennedy, 84, former fencing contractor of Inverness. Voting LibDems'THE other Charles Kennedy is a good man, decent and straightforward. …