Your LETTERS : Best School

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I WONDER just how many 'Concerned Catholics' Robert Ian Williams actually represents in his letter published on the March 31 and whether he has a valid objection to the proposal to submit to Jane Davidson when he does not appear to have children at St Josephs nor its feeder school?

I respect his right to express his opinion, but do not feel they represent the majority view.

As a parent of a Year 10 pupil at the existing school I can only say that these sorts of opinions were not brought forward at the consultation meeting at school when the head teacher, John Kenworthy fully explained the proposal to parents and answered their concerns. My daughter has been at St. Josephs since 2002 after we were forced to remove her from one of the LEA's Secondary schools due to excessive disruptive behaviour and bullying which was not addressed by the school.

As non-Catholics we have found that St. Joseph's is a caring Christian environment where staff and teachers provide pupils with the best possible support to be able to achieve the highest educational standard, and it also does the utmost to equip them to deal with all of modern life's problems and dilemma. …