Extraditing Strunk; (Editor's Note: When Termites Eat Up Important Filings and Documents to Extradite a Suspect This Is Not a Case of Loss through Force Majeure - a Civil Law Doctrine on Contracts - but a Serious Negligence Noted in This Article.)

Article excerpt

Kinfolk of actress Nida Blanca have turned to prayer since the actress tragic death in November, 2001.

No foot-dragging but inferior sleuthing

Theres no foot-dragging on the case, because Nida was more than a public figure with a large national following. She was an institution to the lower and middle middle-class.

Its just a case of inferior sleuthing and lack of thorough preparation that attended the petition for extradition from the US to RP of the main suspect, Nidas husband Rod Strunk.

Nothing of substance

When Strunk last appeared before the DoJ the prosecutors presented NOTHING of substance to detain him or prevent him from leaving RP to visit his ailing mother.

Weeks after Strunk had boarded a plane for California, our law enforcers suddenly found one or two new evidence against Rod Strunk in the abduction and killing of Nida.

DoJ petitioned the US court to extradite Strunk to RP and to stand trial, with others, for the death of our countrys most popular movie and TV personality.

No leg to stand on

The US court denied the petition, declaring that our government presented "inconsistent and conflicting evidence to support a conclusion that Strunk hired" someone to commit so grave a crime as murder. According to the court, RP could pursue a new case against Strunk "should new, competent evidence be submitted."

All was not lost as of Nov. 12, 2003, as indicated in the US court decision.

Two witnesses for Nida

The recent appearance of two eyewitnesses had given DoJ prosecutors a firmer grip on the case against Strunk and company. The extradition panels memo announced there were strong grounds to revive the petition to ask for Strunks trial in RP.

The memo on the subject relied on new and strong evidence: 1) two new witnesses could give "direct (eyewitness account), credible and consistent testimony on the murder," and 2) the Court of Appeals found probable cause against Strunk for the murder of Blanca and this decision has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

On these two strong points our prosecutors believe the extradition of Strunk "is in the bag, but wait "

Termites intervene

This week DoJ announced that the filings and documents in the extradition case were eaten up by anay, yes termites, according to the custodian of these papers.

DoJ also observed it would request the help of the US Court in reconstructing the extradition papers and petition. No duplicates of the extradition papers could be found. …