The World of Paperbacks

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After a long hiatus this column is delighted to include once again new titles from the venerable firm of GERALD DUCKWORTH & CO. Duckworth is republishing the two volumes of Jean Moorcroft Wilson's biography of Siegfried Sassoon: Siegfried Sassoon: The Making of a War Poet. A Biography (1886-1918) and Siegfried Sassoon: The Journey from the Trenches. A Biography (1918-1967). Both volumes were highly praised on their publication in hardback and, especially in the second volume, argue that his later poetry is just as richly veined as his more famous war verses. Each volume is priced at [pounds sterling]10.99. Also from Duckworth we have Bernard-Henri Levy's Who Killed Daniel Pearl? ([pounds sterling]12.99) here translated by James X. Mitchell, a first-hand account of this awful Islamist terrorist murder and of the events that followed.

From VINTAGE we have a beautifully produced paperback edition of Robert Hughes' Goya ([pounds sterling]12.99) in which the author traces the artist's journey through life and, on occasion, his own. Vintage has also published The Journals: Volume I ([pounds sterling]9.99) by John Fowles. All those who enjoy his novels will find these journals, whose first entry dates from 1949, both pleasurable and enlightening. The third new Vintage title is Matthew Battles' Library: An Unquiet History ([pounds sterling]8.99). Mr Battles, who is a librarian in Harvard University's Houghton Library, has given readers a delightful history of libraries from Classical times to the present and added his own personal experiences and insights. The final Vintage title is Anne de Courcy's Diana Mosley ([pounds sterling]8.99), the much over-rated Mitford daughter who ended up as the wife of the British Fascist leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, and lived in Paris.

In a country like the Republic of Ireland, where history often ends up being used for propaganda, biographies of revolutionary heroes loom large: Marianne Elliott's Robert Emmet: The Making of a Legend ([pounds sterling]9.99), published by PROFILE BOOKS, tackled one such revolutionary and more importantly, the creation of his legend and the needs it met.

ABACUS has turned its attention to another revolutionary hero of the twentieth century, Nelson Mandela. …