Reducing War Zone Risks Earns AKE Trade Award

Article excerpt

Reducing the risks in war zones has earned Andrew Kain Enterprises a Queen's Awards for International Trade.

Hereford-based Andrew Kain (AKE) is a 'security and political services' organisation that provides companies with training, insurance, intelligence and whatever else is required to minimise risk for companies operating in some of the most dangerous situations in the world.

'We provide control in a difficult environment and can boost workforce morale. This can give companies the competitive advantage,' said Tim Crockett, executive director of the firm.

Established in 1991 to provide security services for a range of companies and NGOs, AKE has seen a massive surge in providing training and support to media firms working in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The firm's clients now include US news channel CNN, Fox News, The Washington Post, Sweden's TV4 and a host of other UK and international media organisations.

Mr Crockett said, 'We are the world leaders of risk management training to the media industry.

'But I've felt that although we've had the best product we haven't necessarily marketed that aggressively enough.

'As well as recognition for our existing staff, the Queen's Award will give us a springboard from which to shout about what we offer.'

The majority of the 45 members of staff that AKE employs come from a special forces background and the work they have experience in - reporting information from behind enemy lines - Mr Crockett likens to journalists' work in war zones. …