Audi A6 Advances into a Larger Auto

Article excerpt


The latest move by Audi may very well signal the demise of other similar vehicles considered comparable. Not because these vehicles aren't delightful automobiles. No, it is more because Audi introduced its all-new A6 sedan. You see, this new A6 jumps so far beyond what it once was it makes others pale by comparison.

Comparing the new A6 with its predecessor shows it has grown into a larger, more accommodating automobile. It is longer and wider, offering more interior space for passenger comfort. On top of that, this Audi is a strong performer with more power and superior handling. That is just how every Audi is designed.

The exterior styling takes a giant step in the long line of Audi design concepts. From its full-sized grille, to the numerous highlight lines that lead your eye to the taillights, this Audi is a pleasure to the eye. The large wheels and tires fill the wheel arches, giving a completed appearance.

At first, I felt the grille was far too outlandish, but as I began to pay closer attention to earlier Audi vehicles I noticed how this design has been there all along. Granted, it was in a very minimal manner and somewhat camouflaged, but the look was there nonetheless. Once you allow your eye to become accustom to its dominance, the artistic value can be appreciated.

For a larger vehicle I was astonished how capable the car was fitted with the base V-6 engine. I was sure it would disappoint me, particularly after I drove the V-8-equipped model. But, the 3.2-liter V-6 surprised me. With 255 horsepower and 243 foot-pounds of torque, this A6 packs a good performance wallop.

Any time you speak of Audi vehicles, the subject of their revered quattro system comes up.

This all-wheel-drive system is available with all power sources. Audi quattro revolutionized the all-wheel-drive system, not only on the road but on the race track.

With its prowess in foul or fair weather, quattro proved to the masses that all-wheel drive is a good thing for the average driver.

With Audi's dominance on the race track with its quattro-equipped race cars, Audi proved to the world that its all-wheel-drive system could conquer more than the Sunday cruise in the mountains. …