Soon, J.A., Levine, M., & Malleson, R. (2005). Utilization of Emergency Contraception by Adolescents in British Columbia Where Pharmacists Have Direct Provision Authority

Article excerpt

Soon, J.A., Levine, M., & Malleson, R. (2005). Utilization of emergency contraception by adolescents in British Columbia where pharmacists have direct provision authority. Journal of Adolescent Health, 36, 103-104 (abstract).

Previous research has established that the availability and provision of hormonal emergency contraception (EC) to adolescents does not contribute to an increase in unprotected sex or less consistent condom use. Although EC can be effective up to 120 hours alter unprotected sex, it is more effective the sooner it is taken. Beginning in 2001, a change in policy allowed specially-trained pharmacists in the province of British Columbia to begin directly providing EC. Soon, Levine, and Malleson used records from computerized British Columbia Ministry of Health databases to examine patterns of EC provision and use in the province prior to the change in policy (1996-2000) and after the change in policy (2001-2002) among females aged 10-15, 16-24, and 25-50.

In the pre-policy period, the annual rate per 1000 females obtaining EC prescriptions from physicians was 1.3 for those aged 10-15, 20. …