Wheaton Woman's New Web Site Caters to Teachers Wish Lists

Article excerpt

Byline: Vicki Sebela

How about a teachers' wish list?

That idea was the inspiration of Julie Langlas of Wheaton, an active, involved mother of three. She has found many ways to contribute time and energy to the schools her children attend, from serving as PTA president to being a room parent.

However, Langlas said she and many others want to do more. She recalls parents fighting over who got to purchase what book for their child's classroom at book fairs, all because parents want to give back to the teachers making such a difference in their students' lives.

"The more involved I became," Langlas said, "the more I heard, 'I want to do something for the teachers, but what?'"

Already the owner of Educational Aids, Inc., a mail order catalog chock full of educational products and equipped with a mailing list of 350,000 educators, the idea for a wish list for teachers came naturally to Langlas while she lunched with her Web site designer.

"There are bridal registries and baby registries and virtually every vendor site on the Internet has a wish list section, so why not create a gift registry for teachers?" she asked.

After a bit of research, Langlas discovered that, on average, teachers spend from $400 to $1,200 a year on their class out of their own pockets. Yet they all probably have an entire kitchen cabinet full of mugs labeled "A No. 1 Teacher" from well-meaning children and their parents.

"If only we knew what the teachers really needed for the classroom, we would all be happy, even relieved," she said. …